Valentina Isidori

The years at the Art Institute “Duccio di Buoninsegna” in Siena (Ceramics department) were crucial for Valentina in discovering a fascinating world, a vast view on experimentation in art. She later attended the History of Art faculty of the University of Siena and graduated with the thesis “Nino Caruso: ceramics in design and architecture through the Sixties and Seventies”, about the world-fame artist. She attended an internship in ceramics art at Italian craftmanship laboratories and worked at projects together with artists of international fame including Nino Caruso, Petra Weiss, Ota Kohei and Terry Davies. She is a ceramics teacher for children and adults too. She is a ceramics artist for the “Arte dei Vasai” laboratory located in the Nobile Contrada del Nicchio in Siena. First Dan in Judo, she is also a judo instructor for children and kids at the Dojo Mukei in Siena, a martial arts and cultural activities center.



The course explores clay as a medium of expression and aims to provide students with experimentation in forming methods (pottery and sculpture), firing, decoration and glazing, and theory. Students will study shape and function. Through this discipline, students will apply the methods, technologies, and processes of ceramic art in order to create pieces ranging from common use objects to unique sculptures. Both art majors and non-art majors are welcome. The course is designed for beginners; however, students with previous experience may also attend. They will be asked to show their portfolios to the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Variations to the course program, depending on individual needs and the level of the students, are possible.