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Gold-ground medieval painting

Experience life in a 14th-century Sienese art studio! Under the guidance of a local artist, you will learn the techniques and tools used in the Middle Ages to create an original painting, working with materials such as plaster, rabbit glue, Armenian clay, pure gold, and egg tempera. Led by a local artist.

Ceramic jewelry making

Explore creative techniques for making ceramic jewelry. With the help of a local ceramist, learn how to model clay and do ceramics by hand, develop your own personal style creating small, customized pieces of clay jewelry. Led by a local ceramist.

Wine Tasting – DOCG Tuscan wines

Explore Italian wine production and taste the best DOCG Tuscan wines. Under the guidance of a sommelier you will discover in a curious way the world behind local productions. Possibility to visit a local winery.

Family Wine Experience – “Vendemmia in città”

Enjoy this fun activity for the entire family! Kids will learn how the grapes grow and ripen to produce wine, they will play with bunches of grapes and thematic games while parents will experience a wine tasting guided by a local sommelier. Led by a local sommelier and professional nannies with play materials for kids.

Siena Walking Tour

Stroll around the medieval city of Siena and discover the beauty of our buildings, our traditions and culture through the eyes of a local. We will admire Siena from the most charming views and visit the two most important squares, Piazza del Campo where twice a year the Palio (horse race) is organized and the Cathedral square.

Discover Siena & aperitif overlooking Piazza del Campo

Visit the historic center and its main monuments. Discover the origins, traditions and most significant places of Siena, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. Walking through its alleys, streets and squares we will admire the beautiful Gothic Cathedral, and other famous buildings of the city center. At the end of the tour, enjoy a tasty aperitif (salty and sweet) in an exclusive location with a stunning beautiful view over the Piazza del Campo!

Siena Cathedral Tour & meet a marble worker

Discover a jewel of Italian Romanesque-Gothic architecture: the Siena Cathedral, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, houses beautiful works of Italian artists, such as Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini. After the Cathedral Tour you will visit a small workshop of a Sienese marble worker who restored the marble inlays of the Cathedral in Siena and many other works of art in Florence and Rome.

Palio Tour & meet the artist

The tour starts in Piazza del Campo where the tour guide will introduce you to the magical
atmosphere of the Palio horse race. It includes a visit to a Contrada museum, an opportunity to understand the real soul of Siena with its 17 neighborhoods, called Contrade. At the end, in our magical location overlooking Piazza del Campo you will meet the artist Alessandro Grazi who painted a Palio, a unique experience!

Artisans Tour

Stroll around the city to meet Sienese artisans, visit their workshops and be amazed by the wonderful artworks that they create following ancient techniques. Artists choose to work with different materials to create their artworks, for this reason you will meet marble, silver, bronze, ceramic, leather workers and painters.

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Urban Trekking

An urban tour among the lesser-known places, green areas and monuments of the historic center, discovering characters and stories hidden among the city streets. The itineraries are organized according to length and difficulty to suit both skilled and less experienced hikers.

Sex And The City

An original tour inspired by the book “Erotic Guide of Siena” written by the Sienese author Massimo Biliorsi. In the past, the buildings in Siena and centuries-old streets have hidden passionate love and spicy stories: with this tour we will discover places and spicy anecdotes to re-read the history and the “secret” life of Siena and its inhabitants.

Gothic Experience – Mysteries of Siena

Hidden waters, spirits, ghosts – and how to fight them! A walking tour designed around Siena’s most beloved legends, from Pia Tolomei to the first bellringer of the Torre del Mangia. Enjoy charming views while following the never-found river that flows under the city, discovering Siena’s mysterious side of history.

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Taste Siena – Food tour

Enjoy a guided tour to discover the typical flavors of the Sienese and Tuscan tradition. Together with a licensed tour guide admire the beauty of the historic center while stopping to taste local delicacies inside characteristic stores.

Family Tour

Barbara Latini, tour guide and author of the children’s guidebook “Explore and discover Siena for children”, with the mascot BAL (from Balzana, the Sienese coat of arms) will accompany the whole family on a fun tour to explore the city. Walking through the streets of Siena, we will observe different monuments trying to discover many curiosities about the city of the Palio.

Siena Kids & Ceramic Lab

Barbara Latini, tour guide and author of the children’s guidebook “Explore and discover Siena for children”, with the mascot BAL (from Balzana, the sienese coat of arms) will accompany the whole family on a fun tour to explore the city. Walking through the streets of Siena, we will observe different monuments trying to discover many curiosities about the city of the Palio. At the end of the tour the children will have the opportunity to participate in a fantastic workshop led by the ceramist Valentina and create BAL using clay.

Smartphone Photo Tour

Accompanied by a professional photographer, you will discover the most famous places and hidden corners of the city to capture the magical beauty of Siena in a single shot. Using the features of your smartphone, you will learn simple principles of composition and photo editing to create lasting memories to share on social media and carry with you. This tour is suggested for families with kids and teenagers.

Fuji Instax Photo Tour(instant photography)

Led by a licensed tour guide, this tour is a unique and fun activity to involve the whole family in the interactive discovery of the most hidden but no less fascinating places in Siena! You will have fun with instant photography using a Fuji Instax camera while a guide will tell you stories and anecdotes about the city.

Family Treasure Hunt

A guided tour for the whole family, children will learn to have fun with a treasure hunt! You will discover the history of Siena, its legends, its myths and many nice anecdotes related to the city, the most significant monuments and the importance it had in the past. The walk will take you to the last stop where the youngest participants will find a treasure!

Palio Artists for a Day

The tradition of the Palio is very important in Siena and can be discovered in every corner of the streets. In the company of a tour guide, you will go on a discovery tour of all the Contrade symbols, visiting a Museum of one Contrada to see the prizes won, called “Palio”. Then it is time to become real artists! You will create your own “Palio”, an original painting on canvas to take away with you!

Sienese Nature Explorers

You will have the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum – Accademia dei Fisiocritici where you will find a collection of many animals from all over the world and perfectly preserved! Then you will visit the Botanical Garden, an open-air museum where its treasures are centuries-old trees and different types of wonderful flowers!

Kids Club in the center of Siena

At Siena Experience Italian Hub we have set a special space for your kids: a large room equipped with many games and materials related to the history and culture of Siena and its traditions, where kids can play with professional nannies English speaking specialized in childcare with newborns and older kids. We provide also babysitting at private locations.

Val d’Orcia Walking tour

During this tour we enjoy the beauty of one of the most famous Tuscan territories: the Val d’Orcia. It’s an ideal place to stop and experience the beauty of nature, architecture, food and wine. According to your request we can visit Pienza the ideal city of the Renaissance, Montepulciano and Montalcino famous all over the world for their red wines such as The Brunello and the Nobile, San Quirico d’Orcia, nestled in the swirling hills with its famous “cipressi” (cypresses) and Bagno Vignoni, whose center has developed around a large pool from which thermal waters flow.

Pienza: The Ideal City of The Renaissance

Pienza is considered the “Ideal City of the Renaissance”. It’s known as the city of Pope Pius II, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who was born here in 1405. Once Pius became Pope, he wanted to transform his humble birthplace, Corsignano, into an urban-architectural treasure of the Renaissance age. During the tour we will visit the cathedral, the Palazzo Piccolomini and we admire some breathtaking views. Option: tasting of types of different Pecorino Cheese of Pienza and a bottle of wine Orcia Doc in an historical store.

Brunello Wine & Saffron Tour in Montalcino

A journey into the land of Brunello, among works of art and excellent food and wine products. Visit of Montalcino and its “Tempio del Brunello” Museum: an immersive experience to discover the King of wines supported by virtual reality viewers, interactive projections and emotional contents. Afterwards, visit a local saffron producer, an extraordinary family run business, immersed in nature surrounded by vineyards and taste their homemade products (honey with saffron on cheese, saffron beer, saffron cantucci, saffron tea).

San Gimignano Walking Tour

Discover with a local guide this little town full of medieval towers. Who lived in the towers and why were there so many. We will follow panoramic streets and see the most important squares. For those who wish we can go up to the fortress where we can admire the towers from above and find the Vernaccia museum, our local white wine. Possibility to visit the Collegiata (main church), which preserves very important frescoes all over the walls. Who wants to climb up the highest tower of San Gimignano?

Colle Val d’Elsa the “City of The Crystal”

During the tour we will discover the oldest part of the Town “Colle Alta”, with its churches,
narrow and vaulted paths, and towers, as the “casa-torre” of the famous architect Arnolfo di
Cambio. The tour will end with the visit to an artesanal factory where the crystal is produced and where we can meet a “maestro vetraio” who will show the different phases of the production of the crystal.

Trekking in the Sienese countryside

According to the clients requests, we will suggest the best itinerary led by a professional hiking guide. Itineraries can be customized in all the Province of Siena, such as in Val d’Orcia, Chianti, Val di Merse, or starting from your hotel if possible.

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