Looking forward to the future

The New Millennium Generation

Siena, while preserving its medieval aspect, is a city looking forward to the future and developing a modern soul, open to the new millennium generation. The city is becoming a meeting place for an international audience and a network of cultural interactions.

Living in Siena, even if only for a short period, can let you be part of this “creative incubator.” The city offers a variety of opportunities for recreation through art, theatre, music, literature, nature, and so on. Past participants of our semester and summer programs say that Siena is a fascinating place to study as it is much smaller than most major study abroad cities in Italy.

Here they can discover Italian culture during everyday life thanks to the opportunity to be in close contact with the local community. Art and culture, experiential education and research, well-being, active learning and fun: these are some of the aspects students can experience at our educational hub for international people.