Would you like to learn Italian in a easy way? Join our online courses with Chiara Borghesi, teacher and explorer of Italian culture and lifestyle. You can choose among two levels: Intermediate and Advanced conversation. For information and reservation CONTACT US.

Caffè con Chiara

Italian Intermediate Conversation

If you would like to increase your vocabulary to be able to get by while in Italy, chat about Italy’s lifestyle, curiosities, Tuscany mood…this online course is for you. We’ll talk about Italian coffee culture while revising how to order in a Bar and explore together Italian habits. A friendly and informal 45 min on line meeting to explore new vocabulary, learn and practice useful sentences!

Every Thursday

At 6pm (Italian time)

  • After lockdown – Come state: how to express feelings and share emotions. Uso del Passato (grammar point) 
  • Lista dei desideri 1 – Viaggiare con la fantasia: dove andrete appena sarà possibile. Vocabolario per viaggi (destinations). Uso del Futuro (grammar point) 
  • Lista dei Desideri 2 – Viaggiare parte II. Vocabolario (objects and all you need to travel). Uso del Condizionale (grammar point)
  • Attività a casa – Le cose da fare. Vocabolario per descrivere (mi piace cucinare… Ho fatto un dolce…)
  • Cucinare insieme: Vocabolario Food & drink and recipes

Caffè & Giornale
con Chiara

Italian Advanced Conversation

This online conversation class is dedicated to people interested in Italian lifestyle, current affairs, curiosities. We will be reading newspaper extracts, short articles and discuss about them or have conversations about the unique times we all are experiencing. Topics will vary according to groups and requests. Be prepared to open your heart and mind. Let’s be curious together in this 45 min on line meeting!

Every Tuesday

At 4pm (Italian time)

  • Vocabolario Le parole della Quarantena – Explore new vocabulary and use it in conversation. Express feelings and emotions about personal experiences during and after lockdown
  • News of italy – Reading newspaper articles and discussion
  • News from other countries – Discussion and reading + exchanging opinions
  • Food culture – In-depth articles, increase vocabulary and express opinions


Details and how to book


5 online meetings of 40 minutes
First online meeting for free
Max number of participants: 6
Platform used: Zoom
Total price: € 20,00