Siena Experience Italian Hub makes its spaces overlooking Piazza del Campo available for vernissages, artistic performances, and group and/or solo art exhibitions. Two spacious rooms with three windows overlooking the Piazza and another with a view of the Duomo, plus two rooms facing Via di Città and Fontebranda provide a 360-degree view of the historic city centre.

The elegance of the Torre del Mangia, the battlements of the Palazzo Pubblico, the rooftops of Siena, and the bell tower of the Cathedral frame these spaces, in a perfect blend of medieval art, landscape, and the present day.

Vernissage and art exhibition

Spaces and services

  • Graphic design of the exhibition poster on a pre-prepared graphic grid of the space
  • Installation of the exhibition
  • Storage of any additional works not on display
  • Exhibition opening with surveillance
  • Knowledgeable staff able to speak about the exhibition to visitors and contact the artist if necessary
  • Supplementary insurance for works of art
  • Grand opening (buffet and set-up, reception)
  • Organization of accompanying events (performances, readings, and radio and TV interviews)
  • Art critic (with an introduction of the artists and their works)
  • Promotion with an expert press office
  • Press conference (with a preview presentation of the exhibition to journalists from selected media)
  • Advertising campaign (production, printing, and posters)
  • Promotion on web channels specialising in art
  • Print promotion with personalised material

Experiential art activities

A meeting point between art and culture

In its open spaces overlooking Piazza del Campo, age-old artistic expressions meet contemporary art, action painting, artisanal handicrafts, music, and literature. The range of activities on offer includes meetings, and themed and in depth workshops for individuals and small groups:

  • Guided tours in the centre of Siena with an art historian
  • Guided tours of Sienese art studios and artisanal workshops
  • Themed workshops held by local artists
  • Creative workshops with local artisans
  • Art workshops for families and children
  • Workshops to further artistic knowledge
  • Workshops to further musical knowledge
  • Encounters with artists and art experts
  • Presentations and talks with publishers and writers
  • Wine & Art: tastings and artistic performances
  • Music & Food: culinary evenings featuring live music