Franca Marini

Franca Marini is an Italian international artist. She pursued her artistic academic studies in Italy, Siena and Florence, followed by her studies in painting in the United States. She lived and worked as a professional artist in San Francisco and in New York Cty for over 10 year. After many years experience in the pictorial arts, she is currently engaged in the creation of site-specific installations and video art. The subjects of her work are connected to urban settings of contemporary metropolis and to human rights issues. Her work has been shown in Europe, United States, Central America, Chile and Palestine.


Drawing and Painting in Siena

This course focuses on traditional methods of representing reality, such as those used by the Italian classical masters. Students will work mainly from life, outdoors in Siena’s medieval streets, alleys, and squares, and from the works of the Sienese masters found within its museums. Students will also have the unique opportunity to work from the school windows, which look out onto the magnificent Piazza del Campo, famous worldwide for its beauty and clamshell shape. The course’s goal is to provide students with a solid understanding of painting fundamentals, such as composition, space, color usage, brushwork, etc. Students will learn the technique of oil painting on canvas and be introduced to acrylic color painting, palette knife work, mixed media, and oil pastels. Students will be provided with the basics of drawing as well.