Marketing Director

Eva Pratesi

After obtaining a degree in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature from the University of Siena and further relevant experiences of studying and working abroad (Spain and the USA), Eva came back to Tuscany where she became a journalist specializing in the tourism sector. She has more than ten years of teaching experience in travel marketing and communication, both for tourism operators and American study abroad students in Florence and Siena.


Hospitality Marketing

According to the World Tourism Organization, the tourism industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in spite of major worldwide economic and political crises, the reason being that people continue to want to travel and live new experiences. The goal of this course is to understand the global context, learn the basic principles of hospitality marketing, and encourage students towards flexible thinking and innovative approaches in tourism planning. At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate essential industry knowledge in the area of tourist marketing
  • Understand major trends and tourist behaviors
  • Improve their effective communication and marketing skills
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving abilities
Tourism Management

Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary field of study with the purpose of preparing students with the expertise, commitment, and skills for management, marketing, and organization in the expanding industry that provides food, accommodation, and tourism services to people away from home. The objective of the course is to support students in the development of management capabilities through interdisciplinary subject exposure: problem identification, basic concepts, decision-making, and management strategies. Lessons are organized into subject-specific units to help students improve their understanding of the hospitality industry, effective management techniques, organizational behavior, ethical issues, and more. Covering topics such as management functions, management theories, and diversity, these lessons will help current or future hotel managers stay on top of their game.