Chiara Borghesi

Graduated from the University of Siena and with a PhD in Cell Biology, Chiara worked for several years in medical research before starting to work as interpreter and scientific translator in the US as well as in Great Britain, where she lived and worked for 20 years. In England, following a Degree in Language Teaching, Chiara worked as Italian and English Language Tutor in public and private institutions as well as with a Language and Italian Culture Agency she co-founded in Norwich (UK). From Siena, thanks to her blog “Chiara’sTuscany”, focused on Italian language and Tuscany culture and lifestyle, she continues her close relationship with her British students. She has years of experience in the sector of language teaching and study holidays and has created a series of original hands-on experiences to be used as her own experiential-teaching method. Her Etruscan inspired Botanical Workshop in particular, combines her passion for teaching the language together with her love for plants and herbs properties, in order to bring back to life Tuscany cultural heritage.


Advanced Italian