Barbara Latini

Barbara is a Founder and Director of the “Siena Experience Italian Hub” . She graduated with honor at the University of Siena and the Middle Age is her specialization. Her interest for Art and her love for the territory led Barbara to work as Instructor of “Art and Architecture” and as Assistant to the Site Director for an American Study Abroad Program in Siena. She has over two decades of classroom experience and her work with a team of great educators help students to find the courses that best fulfill their study abroad goals. With her eye on all things related to students (documents, courses, host families…) she shares with them the passion for the Italian culture, spending every day with her “kids”, not just at school, but also during the field trips that she organizes to visit the most important Italian cities (Firenze, Roma, Milano, Napoli, Venezia, Padova…). Barbara collaborated for many years with the Department of Tourism of Siena, studying, planning and creating new cultural itineraries and publishing interesting books about Siena and Sienese traditions.


Art and Architecture

This course aims to provide the student with a full comprehension of the cultural, religious, and artistic movements that flourished during the 12th and 13th centuries and, above all, the crucial role played by Sienese artists in the development of Italian Gothic style and the fundamental importance of the Florentine artists in the birth of Renaissance art. Students will increase their knowledge of art history through regular classroom lessons and excursions, during which students will be able to enjoy the beauty of artworks by witnessing them first-hand. This program includes visits to the major artistic landmarks and art galleries of Siena (Duomo, Palazzo Pubblico, Museo dell’Opera, Battistero, Cripta, and Spedale Santa Maria della Scala) and Florence (Duomo, Battistero, Museo dell’Opera, and Galleria degli Uffizi)